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Meetings start tomorrow!


this week= TONS o' MEETINGS!

Tuesday night, 8 PM, Canticle for Leibowitz, Cafe Paradiso
Wednesday night, 8 PM, Astro City, first two trades (as far as i know), Confession and Life in the Big City, The Office
Thursday night, 8 PM, Going Postal, Crane Alley

If you haven't read any yet, and wanted to, please do. You still have time. Going Postal is not an extremely hard read. Astro City isn't either. Hope to see a lot of people! Sorry this week is crazy.

ALSO IMPORTANT, i was wondering if it was okay to skip August discussions. Given the move back to school for some members and the need to concentrate on other things for me, would it be okay to skip August discussions and, mid-August, i could put up the surveys to start again in September? If people really would like August discussions, i could probably do them, but i didn't want to put pressure on people. Leave comments with any feelings one way or the other.
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