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Book club for October

Alrighty folks.

October's book club is canceled. No one (other than me) would have the book finished in time by Thursday. As alluded to in last post on this subject found here, I'm tired of the date getting changed because it messes up the next month.

Since this seems an unpopular book, we'll just move on. If anyone does end up reading this book and wants to meet with me, let me know and we'll get coffee.

Next month's book, since literature seems unpopular but genre fiction is doing well, is The Lies of Locke Lamora. It is in mass market, and I really, really like it. So this is the new book. Since it is a mass market and genre fiction (fantasy, but give it a shot even if fantasy isn't your favorite, because it's got a new feel, in my opinion), and this month's is getting skipped, and Thanksgiving is a pain, particularly with moving time for me and Tim, I'm open to changing the date if this one doesn't work. Otherwise, November 29. Plenty of time, on a Thursday after Thanksgiving. 7:30 PM.
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