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a change of plans

Okay guys, i'm glad that it's fine that we're waiting until next week for book discussion, but i'm going to start posting the dates further in advance so we can get the book done in time.

i hate the idea of someone working hard to get the book done, then having the date and day switched on them so they can't make it. We've changed the date and day the last few months, and i just want to get them nailed down.

Since Thursdays seem best all around, that's fine. Thursday at 7:30 is the time and day i'm nailing it down on, unless there's a clear consenus in the comments that that's a bad time and day.

i'm calling the next book so it gets chosen now, and i'm putting the date down so it gets nailed down. In the future, i'll get to you in advance and let you know what month you're going to be choosing, then you'll have time to decide so we don't get a gap in between and people lose reading time.

i'll announce the new book at every new discussion. If you desperately have a book desire and want to have your turn asap, just email me at and you'll be the decider that month, i don't mind. i just want to give people lots of reading time and not have the day change so people end up missing out.

For the record, the next book discussion will be at my place on October 25th at 7:30 PM. The book will be Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky.
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