roidesfoux (roidesfoux) wrote in chambana_books,

September book club

Book Club's supposed to meet at my place tomorrow to discuss The Stone Canal.
So what's the tally? How many people have read it, have it but haven't read it, ordered it but don't have it yet?
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Have it but haven't finished it yet.... but may have it finished by the... oh, and I need to know where you live.... Also, can I bring something? (I was thinking small plastic cups & a magnum of merlot, but if you have a different suggestion that's awesome too...)
I didn't read or order it so i'm not coming this time.
I got it from the library and am halfway done, will be done by tomorrow.
Would it be possible to move the meeting to next Thursday?
From Beth (paraphrasing): this would be fine if necessary, as long as the day of the week stays the same. She just got the book today.
I finally got it from the library last week. I've read about half the book. I'm going to try and finish it tonight. I need an address for where we're meeting.