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September book club

Alright folks... this community is open once again. It fell by the wayside in the last year, but i've started up a bookclub again.

This is no longer going to be the three different bookclubs. We meet at a person's house. The host picks the book each month.

This month, look to roidesfouxCharles as the host and picker of book. He picked The Stone Canal which is out of print but easily gotten for less than a dollar on

So far, for this book club, we've read Middlesex and The Name of the Wind.

We'll be meeting September 27, which is a Thursday. Does that work for people?

If people would particularly prefer Wednesday over Thursday, or vice versa, please comment and let me know. I am currently thinking 7:30 on Wednesdays or 8:30 on Thursdays.
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