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Ok, folks

So... i've been having a good time at book discussions and whatnot, with the friends of mine that i bug to go (and about 3 other people i didn't know have attended randomly, which is awesome!), and it's been a fun social time, but i'm just not feeling the participation.

This is not to be a guilt trip, i'm fine with things being laid back, and i'll never require participation, but i'm also not going to do stuff people don't want to do. i had only one nomination, other than myself, on the last three polls, so i'm going to assume that people aren't too interested in September discussions. If you are at all interested, then please nominate something so i have an inkling people want to do this, and comment to the entry or something to let me know you're alive. It's not a small community, there's over 20 people watching.

If you aren't interested in September discussions happening, then no worries, we won't have them. Just comment on this entry or email me at whenever you'd like to have one, and when enough people are interested, i'll start it up again. If there's a month you'd definitely like to have one, comment and let me know. i'm flexible. i'll read tons of sci-fi, fantasy and graphic novels regardless :p

Stay cool all, and i hope anyone starting school has a good time. Get ready for tons o' people, if you haven't noticed the influx already (i sure have).
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