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Book discussions for September

Man, sorry folks, i've been very busy with things.

Surveys for September book discussions! Nominate a book you would like to read, and i'll start a vote Thursday, which will end by Saturday night. Sorry to be quick, but i want to give people time to read. Anyone who hasn't come yet, don't feel bad. So far, only 3-4 people, other than me, attend frequently. We're really laid back and just discuss the book (and are easily distracted into other conversations). It's more social than academic. The main reason i do this is to force myself to read things i wouldn't think of immediately, or stuff i keep putting off.

Poll #796478 Science Fiction

Nominate a science fiction book for the September science fiction discussion.

Poll #796479 Fantasy

Nominate a fantasy book for the September fantasy discussion.

Poll #796480 Graphic novel/trade

Nominate a graphic novel or trade for the September book discussion.

You can nominate anything belonging to those genres (feel free to be creative, i'm not against books that are in the young adult section, or the horror section, if you feel they're close enough to science fiction/fantasy). So far, we've read the books in this entry. You're welcome to nominate anything that has been nominated before, just not what has been discussed before.
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